Hello world!

I’ve finally decided to start my own blog! I’ll be chatting about my hobbies of knitting, crocheting, cross stitching, painting and whatever my left hand decides to produce, in addition to my pets, my family and friends, love for God and my day-to-day life. I’m sure I’ll also throw in my opinion regarding whatever is on my mind that day! 🙂

I’ll start with the introduction of myself: I’m a 45-year old single woman living in West Virginia and am retired from the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers since 2001. Here is a picture of my cousin’s Schnauzer, Lacy, and me at Christmas. Lesley and Lacy

I own a small three-bedroom home with a little more than 1.5 acres of land since March 24, 2004. I grew up here … moved away … retired … moved back. My neighbors are an aunt beside me and an uncle and aunt behind me.


I live with a Quaker parrot named Baby. He is 6-1/2 years old. He gets very loud at times. But there are times, when the house is quiet, that he will start talking to himself and he’s just so cute. He says, “Good baby … you’re a good baby;” “wanna take a bath?;” “my baby doll” and a few other phrases. He has a big cage (floor model, even!!) and he is very possessive of it. He doesn’t like anyone’s fingers inside the cage other than mine and there are times that he doesn’t want mine in there! He loves to eat fruits and veggies and cereal. His absolute favorite is pizza but I can’t let him have but a small bite on occasion. Quaker’s are prone to live disease so he is limited on fatty foods. His feathers are beautiful. I’ve got all of the nice long ones he has shed over the years. I’m going to make something beautiful using them. When the sun shines on them, there are as many colors as the rainbow!

Miss Cleo

I have two cats. Miss Cleo is a black/white tuxedo. She just showed up one day in August 2002. She was an unexpected blessing at a particularly low time of my life. God works in mysterious ways … and He certainly did with that cat! I love her little beauty mark on her left upper lip. It suits her … she has “diva-ttude!” lol


Mister was feral when I got him from Uncle Larry and Aunt Dottie. He had such a fierceness about him yet he fit in the palm of my hand. It took a few days of intense “therapy” but he finally accepted us. I think it took Cleo longer than any to accept this little creature into our new home on Memorial Day weekend 2004. He’s still quite shy when someone comes to visit. He usually hides under the bed until the coast is clear.


And last, but certainly not least, there’s the welcome (tail) waggin’ of the bunch.  I rescued him from a water-filled ditch on December 9, 2003.  He’d been hit by a vehicle and laid in the ditch for a few days before I realized he was alive. It was bitter cold then … I don’t know how he survived. I had a friend put him in my Blazer and off to the vet we went. He was in the hospital for four days. His hips were broken … he was severely bruised … in really bad shape. The healing process was quite difficult but he made it. I named him Samson. I wanted him to regain his strength and grow a nice coat (since he was malnourished, he’d lost most of his hair) like Samson from the Bible. And now … he’s got more hair than I’d like and he’s quite muscular, although he has a few extra pounds. 🙂


I’ll show you a hat I made for my cousin, Luke. He’s a Steeler’s fan and also a snowboarder … so I made him a black and gold snowboarder’s hat. Here is his, modeling it for me! I was so happy to see him in it. I think he really liked it.


I’ve got a hat for his sister, Rachel, on my needles right now. I’ve got the pattern charted, notes scribbled on paper and hope to get it finished in the next few days. Hers will be pink and brown. I’m putting hearts and “X” and “O” on it. I’ve never created a pattern like this before … I hope it works out.  I’ll let you know tomorrow …

Thanks for visiting …

Good night … sleep tight.


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  1. Lesley,

    You have a really great start to your blog. Will you be entering each day or weekly.

    I love the fact that you are such a animal lover. They all look fit and happy.

    I am from the Knit and Crochet group at MSN>


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