Menopause, weather and other topics …

I’ve finished a book I received from my cousin at Christmas.  She’s ten years younger than I … but I will be ready for her when she turns 45!!  lol  The book is titled “The Hot The Hot Flash Club - Chills OutFlash Club – Chills Out”.  I’d been telling her the woes of hot flashes and all the other physical and emotional autrocities that come along with this phase of life.  Her note on the book read, “Don’t be offended.  I just thought it looked cute.”  (Not her exact words but quite close.  Fuzzy memory or no memory at all is another affliction that tags along with this “phase.” lol)  It is a cute read and I was by no means offended.  It’s a part of a series entitled “The Hot Flash Club” by Nancy Thayer.  I will more than likely end up with the entire series, consisting of three or four books.  I usually read murder/mystery, biography or true crime stories so this was a nice change for me.  The only thing I was disappointed with was the ending. It was sort of like “The Sopranos” ending.  There are many unanswered questions but I think they will be answered in the next book.  This would be good to take to the beach or on vacation.  It’s a very easy read.

I probably will start reading “Trace” by Patricia Cornwell next.  She’s one of my favorite authors.  I’ve read almost every book she’s written.  I’m a little behind on her books right now.  I’ve got three that I’ve not read and don’t have her latest book.  If you like murder/mystery/crime, she’s a great author.  She has much experience in what she writes because she was the medical examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia for several years.  Her series with the main character being “Kay Scarpetta” is my favorite.  She wrote a biography of Ruth Bell Graham many years ago that I would love to read but it’s out of print and I’ve not seen it anywhere locally.  I’ll find it some day, I’m sure.  Probably on eBay.

The skies were clear all day and the sun was as bright as it possibly could be here in southwestern West Virginia.  Last night the winds were howling at about 50 mph.  I was awake most of the night praying that a tree limb wouldn’t land on any of the homes around here.  When I got up this morning, there were tree limbs covering my lawn … but fortunately none were on any houses.  It was quite windy most of the day.  The high temp was about 21 degrees but with the wind, it felt about 10 degrees.  I stayed indoors and cleaned house.

 My aunt called this evening and told me to look at my back yard.  There were twenty-plus deer out there munching away at the grass and hemlock trees.  I looked at them up-close through my field glasses.  They’re so beautiful … and just as destructive.  I was sad when I saw that one of the yearlings only had three feet.  It’s little leg was amputated about four inches above the ground.  I just felt like crying.  I’m going to look into getting some kind of deer food.  I’ve never purchased it before and honestly don’t know what they eat that is manufactured.  I’ll have to research the web to find the answer.  I’ll also have to think about feeding them from a serious point of view.  I want them to be able to have food but I also want them to stay in the woods because they eat my vegetable and flower gardens in warmer months.

I have a fruit basket full of apples that I received as a Christmas gift.  My parrot, Baby, and I already ate the citrus and kiwis.  I felt the apples were going to spoil before I could eat them all so I came up with the idea of making apple sauce!  I probably should have looked for a recipe but I decided to do what made sense.  I put four apples through the juicer; mixed the juice and the smooshed up apples together (smooshed up is a technical term), added water, brown sugar and granulated sugar together and boiled it down to a nice consistency.  I’m letting it cool now.  Hopefully, it will be fit for consumption.  lol

Good night …


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  1. Hello, you should try the apple sauce with a nice grilled pork chop….mmmm

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