Spring cleaning … a little early …

Today, I’ve worked in my craft room. I’ve got a few hundred skeins of yarn in every color, style, fiber, brand name and discontinued color that anyone would want. lol A few years ago, a Ben Franklin store was going out of business. I made a riduculously low offer on all of the yarn the owner had and he took me up on it! My goal is to make hats and blankets for the homeless. I’ve made items but not as many as I would like. That is the reason for the cleaning spree. I need to get an inventory of what I have. I might have some things to sell or trade when I’m finished. I’ve got three or four sets of interchangable knitting needles, books, and odds and ends. I’ll post a photo after it’s cleaned … certainly not a “before” photo! lol

The applesauce turned out surprisingly well. I was quite pleased with myself. I’ll add some cinnamon if I make it again.  And thank you, Lizzy, the pork chop idea is a good one!

I received a nice gift from a lady down the road today. I was talking to her on the phone a few weeks ago. Somehow, electric blankets became a topic and told her mine had quit working. Her mother passed away at age 96 a few months ago. She was going through some of her belongings and came across two full-sized electric blankets that had never been taken out of the packages. She sent one to me by a friend of mine who was helping her. That was so nice, I thought. I’ll have to make her a shawl or lapghan as a “thank you”. She’s such a nice lady. Her health is failing and I think a shawl or lapghan would be nice for her.

I’m still working on the hats for Rachel and Luke. I should have them finished by Monday.  I’ll post a photo of them all at that time. Hopefully, I’ll have four or five to send.

 The header picture at the top of the page is a partial view from my kitchen window in February 2007.  It’s not snowy like that this year.  Not yet anyway.  It’s been quite rainy and cold.  I’d rather see snow.  The rain is so dreary during the winter months.

The deer have gone from being beautiful to look at to ugly!  lol  I looked into my backyard this morning and they’d evidentally returned.  They’d forgotten to eat every leaf and bud from my rhododendron.  They left about five leaves … saving some for later, I guess.  I’ve had this rhododendron since just after I moved here in 2004.  I’ve “babied” it every season.  Feeding it.  Spraying deer repellant (useless in the winter months when it’s rainy).  Wrapping it in the winter.  Oh wait … that’s what I didn’t do this winter … I didn’t wrap it.  So, I guess it’s really my fault … I left it open for the deer to devour.  I’ll bring it back to life.

Here is a picture of two of my babies napping … aren’t they precious?

Mister and Cleo napping

Good night …


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