Oh, What A Night …

At approximately 3:20 this morning, my animals awakened me with their uneasiness.  I knew something was wrong but didn’t know what.  I started praying for protection for my house and all of us … and for my family and their homes.  At approximately 3:30, I heard a roar.  I soon realized it was not the nightly run of the train, as I’d first thought, but the roar of a mighty wind.  I’ve never heard anything like it.  I wasn’t fearful, as I expected I would be.  I know it was because my home was cradeled in the hand of the Almighty God.  A 40-foot fir tree fell into my front yard, crossing my driveway, but not harming my home.  It missed the utility lines and, fortunately, fell in the opposite direction of the rural road I live by.  That corner of my property is in a dangerous curve. Had the tree fallen in the direction the wind normally blows (north to south) someone would have at least been injured if not worse.  I had a doctor’s appointment and errands to run today … the only day in the past two weeks that I actually needed to leave the house.  So … I cancelled those plans and decided to figure out what to do with the tree over breakfast.  After a few phone calls, the mayor of the small town in which I live sent some men to help me out.  They could not actually remove the tree but they did cut it out of the driveway and pile it in an out-of-the-way spot.  What a blessing!  Now I have time to save some money to get someone to haul it away later this Spring. 

Here is a photo of the tree after it fell:  fallen tree


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  1. Hello, what a frightening night it must have been, I read someone elses message on the Knitting group board, they also had a tornado!!! The hats are lovely, and I love the hearts & kisses one.

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