Another Snowfall!

I had a post prepared and when I tried to publish it … it got lost in cyberspace somewhere.  So … I’ll try once more.

I awoke at approximately 2:30 this morning to the sound of a salt truck passing by.  I saw that the snow was blizzard-like.  It had rained literally all day yesterday.  My front yard was full of water ponds.  The snowstorm 8 March 2008temperature dropped and froze everything.  Then the snow fell.  So far, there is about 3.5 inches with more expected.  To the west of us, in Ohio and Kentucky, the conditions are much more severe.  It is now snowing lightly but has not stopped since I’ve been awake; about four hours now.

These photos were taken from my back door at 9-ish this morning:

 8 Mar 08 snowfall

You can see the fallen tree limbs on the ground in the left photo.  Another result of the windstorm a few weeks ago.

 The deer have benefitted from the limbs being on the ground.  It makes it easier for them to eat. 

My second cousin, Jacqueline, is expecting a child in September.  I’m searching frantically for my Patricia Kristofferson baby afghan book.  There’s a pattern in there I want to make for the baby.  I purchased ten skeins of Paton’s Lacette in Beautiful Blue (235 yds in each skein; #2 size fine using D Paton's yarnhook or #3 needles) and two skeins of Paton’s Glittallic in Rose Glow (61 yds in each skein; #5 bulky using L hook or 11 needles).  I’m going to make the blanket blue whether it’s a boy or girl.  I will probably use the pink as a small knit shawl for a girl. 

I’m enjoying my DSL and DISH Network tremendously!  It’s interfering with my knitting and crocheting and general housekeeping chores.  Practically for the first five days and nights the television wasn’t turned off.  I just got DSL this past Monday.  I really like it.  Here is a photo of the Sharp 19-inch HDTV: 




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