Spring Forward …

Daylight Savings Time … It seems there is much controversy about this time change.  I don’t really understand the big deal about it myself.  It’s not that difficult to change the time on a clock.  I enjoy the longer daylight evenings. 

I’ve started the baby blanket, although it’s not the one I wanted to make.  If I happen to find my afghan beginningsBest of Terry Kimbrough Baby Afghans book, I’ll make another.  This pattern is on the cover of  A Year of Afghans Book 4, called MOTHER’S TREASURE.  The worsted weight size is 43″ x 60″.  Using the Paton’s Lacette  and an “E” hook should make it a good size for a baby afghan. 

It’s a beautiful day; the snow is quickly melting in this 47 degree heat!  Miss Cleo is sleeping by the window soaking up the sun. Cleo sunning I was outside for a bit shoveling the walkways while Samson was tracking the deer and barking fero-
ciously, making sure they knew they’d been on his turf.  Two of the deer actually sleep about 20 yards from my backporch so I don’t think they’re too fearful of him.  🙂


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