11 March

Have you ever had a day where you just can’t get in gear?  That is what my day has been.

Yesterday, I had an appointment with my physician.  She ran an EKG that showed some abnormalities.  We make the decision on whether to perform a stress test after I have a chest x-ray. 

After that, I visited the new Wal-Mart in Hurricane, West Virginia.  It’s very pretty.  The shelves are more decorative than I’ve seen in other stores.  I purchased a few things, including lunch from the deli.  I had broccoli salad that was absolutely awesome.  I’d love to know what is used in it … it wasn’t mayonnaise but something comparable.  It had chopped broccoli, golden raisins, purple onions, and I think pine nuts.  Yummy!

I stopped by the Huntington Mall to mail a package to my two little cousins and aunt in Pamplin, Virginia.  While there, I purchased a wig head to use as a hat display.  I also went to the Family Christian Bookstore where I purchased a CD titled When the Moon’s Behind the Clouds by Paul Clark.  I felt sorry for him because his CD was there, all alone, 90% off.  Purchase price: $1.70  I didn’t know what to expect when I put it in the player but I honestly enjoyed it.  I also bought a box of Easter cards and a Bible study book.

After that, I met my long-time friend, Beverly, for dinner at Shoney’s.  We were there for about three hours chatting about everything from our personal lives to Oprah and her wacky ways.  The food was not good but I always enjoy my time with my friends.

I love American Idol.  While I was watching it tonight, I worked on the baby blanket.  It was Lennon/McCartney night.  Most of them did surprisingly well.  My favorite, David Archuletta, was disappointing.  He sang, “Work It Out”.  He’s one of those people that you just want to squeeze and pinch his cheeks.  lol  He’s a cutie.  I think he’ll still be there next week even though the performance was not up to par.  I think Amanda Overmyer and possibly Michael Johns will go home this week.  I usually agree with Simon.  I like him.  I can’t understand Paula at all.  She speaks in an unusual manner … there’s … a … pause … between … each … word … and her words are jumbled.  I do like her new song, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”.  Randy makes me laugh because he speaks a different language.


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  1. Looks like you live in a really beautiful spot– hope the dr. brings you good news. That blanket is going to be very pretty!

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