American Idol Results … and TV in general …

I was completely wrong.  First of all, I forgot it changed from two to one performer eliminated.  Secondly, I was completely wrong on my guesses:  David Hernandez got the boot.  I wonder if being a stripper in a gay bar had anything to do with America not voting for him?  He was extremely shocked.  He was a good singer, but he wasn’t on my “favorite” list.  I wish him well.

I’m enjoying the DISH Network.  There is one problem:  they installed the acutal dish about five feet from the highway (actually a two-lane road).  There are many coal, delivery and semi-trucks passing by, cutting the signal each time.  I called tonight to complain and the fellow told me he  didn’t think there was anything to be done but he’d send a technician to check it next Wednesday.  If they can’t fix it … I might have them take it out.  I’m already attached to it, though!  lol  I’m stuck on A&E’s 360 Crime, The First 48, Cold Case Files, and American JusticeBill Kurtis is a great host; nice voice.  I love true crime shows.  From the time I was a child, I wanted to be a lawyer or in some type of criminal justice.  Unfortunately, my mother was killed in a car crash when  I was 17 and my aspirations fell by the wayside.

Today was an awesome day.  The temperature was about 75 degrees … sunny … windy.  I spent most of the afternoon out-of-doors visiting with my aunt and uncle.  It’s supposed to start raining tonight. 

Want to see some very unique sweaters?  They’re “houses” worn as sweaters.  It’s too much work for the end result, in my opinion.  Actually, you should look through the entire page … you’ll see some very unusual projects.


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  1. Hello Lesley Ann, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. The baby jacket has got seams. It is an old pattern which my mother used and has been a “friend” to me, it is so easy and quick – I always have one handy if theres a baby due, and I can be called on by others to wave my magic wand!! I am knitting a couple at the moment, a friend has a baby due on Wed next, I better get a move on!!! If you would like to see more of the jacket e-mail me.
    The pictures of the deer are lovely, although I expect you are not enjoying the cold weather. I had a look at the site with the house-sweaters, there’s lots of quirky things there!!!
    LOL Lizzy

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