14 March

It’s a rainy day here.  I’m so happy I got out yesterday and enjoyed the nice weather.

Have you joined Ravelry, yet?  I’ve been a member since November 21, 2007.  I have really enjoyed the site.  I’m a member of several groups including the West Virginia Fiber Artists.  Tomorrow, those of us who choose to do so and live close Glittalllic scarfenough to attend, are meeting at East Tenampa Mexican Cantina in Milton, West Virginia.  I’m excited to come face-to-face with fellow knitters with whom I’ve communicated via Ravelry.  I plan to take some photos and will post them later.  We’re going to knit/crochet while there.  Or at least that is what I’m told.  lol  I’m going to take the Paton’s Glittallic Rose Glow scarf that I’m making, just in case we do hang around for chat’n’knit. 

The afghan in the background of the picture is handmade using various wools.  I cannot take credit for it because I would never do that.  I hate making motifs.  I got the afghan at a rummage sale for $1.50.  I felt sad for whoever made it.  Can you imagine all the time put into that piece and the only appreciation shown was selling it for $1.50?   I’ll keep it until I die … then whoever sells all my “treasures” in a rummage sale can get a $1.50 or so out of it or donate it to charity.  lol

Wow … the news is really surprising lately isn’t it?  Or is it?  lol  Obama’s pastor … what can be said?  He stands in a pulpit ordained by God but doesn’t preach God’s word.  He wants God to damn America … yet he chooses to live here.  What kind of sense does that make?  It’s so sad that people applaud and encourage his ways of hatred and racism and hypocrisy.  I pray he actually hears, comprehends and accepts the word of God in his heart and repents for his ignorant, vile ways.

Then there’s the Governor of New York.  The Feds confirmed his prostitution spending spree through wiretapping.  It’s illegal to use wiretaps for terrorists but not for a horny hypocrite?  What’s up with that ?

In my opinion, the worst of all:  Cheryl White in the nanny-cam abuse case.  What kind of 60-year-old crazy is she?  How a woman can abuse a helpless 5-month old child is beyond me.  The one thing I wanted for my life was to be a mother.   As with most of my dreams, it eluded me.  I can, however, feel outrage at this woman and hope that she is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Even if it is the paltry maximum-one-year punishment for these misdemeanor actions.  Misdemeanor!  Outrageous.  Hopefully, something will be found on that video tape to constitute criminal action so she can go to prison and let some of those tough broads in there shake her up a bit. 

Help us, Father.


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