Scientists …

… have “discovered” a new bird in Indonesia.  No matter how hard man tries … God is always ahead of us.  He’s probably up there shaking his head side-to-side with a giggle thinking about how much more is out there that only He knows of.  I like that.

Yesterday, I went to East Tenampa Mexican Cantina where I met five ladies from the Ravelry group, West Virginia Fiber Artists.  I had a nice time.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  We met at 2 PM and had lunch … then before we knew it … it was after 5 PM!  I didn’t take one photo!  But … I bummed one from Crystal, one of the knitters:

WV Fiber Artists

From left to right:  Dana, Nadine, Lesley Ann (me) and Aimee.  Crystal is behind the camera.

I was going to go to the hospital for the chest x-ray after dinner but it poured the rain all the way home.  It was so cold and damp … and the food didn’t sit well with me, although it tasted good during consumption.  I decided I’d go Monday before I go to the grocery store.

My aunt asked me to cook for Easter dinner.  I’ve not planned the menu just yet.  I’m leaning towards ham and “with-it”.  lol  The “with-it” is yet-to-be-determined.  Most definitely potatoes … mashed … scalloped … creamed … stewed?  I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.  lol  Dinner rolls … I like making them from scratch but I really love those Pillsbury dinner rolls that are flaky like the biscuits.  The layered ones.  You know what I’m talking about?  Put a big dollop of butter … let it melt … uuummm ….


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