18 March …

felted toteI’ve been working on various things lately.  It seems I can’t be satisfied with just one project so I’ve got four or five in process.  Here is the crocheted felted tote I made.  There are no handles yet because I can’t decide what I want to do.  Do I want sisal rope or braided leather?  What do you think?  I made up the pattern as I went, using Paton’s Classic Merino wool.  I used the Front Post Double Crochet (fdpc): Yo, insert the hook from front to back around post of indicated st, draw loop through, (yo, dr through 2 loops on hook) twice in the gold and Double Crochet–dc: Yo, insert hook in next st, yo, draw loop through, (yo draw through 2 loops on hook) twice in the other colors.  I then used reverse single crochet for the maroon edging at the top. 

 Another project is a scarf that I’m making from black Red Heart Soft and LionBrand Trellis in Rainbow.  I’m really pleased at how it is coming along.  I started with using size 8 DPNs (double-pointed needles).  After doing about 10 rows, I thought it was too small so I switched to size 17 to “test” what that would look like.  After knitting about 10 more rows, I actually liked how the difference looked.  Here is a close up of one end: 

I don’t particularly care for fringe on scarves because they generally fray or look messy with age.  There are some scarves that must have fringe.  I like that the smaller needle made a bit of an edge for the scarf and therefore, no fringe is needed.  What do you think? 

My friend, Nadine, gave me a great idea for sock blockers!  I really didn’t want to purchase one because they can be a little costly.  The only thing I wanted one for was to take a nice photo.  Well … she found a link for directions to make one from a wire clothes hanger!  Awesome idea!  I happened to have two in my house … only because a friend left them a while back.  I hate wire clothes hangers!  lol  But, I love my sock blocker made from a wire clothes hanger.  It took about 15 seconds to bend it.  Can’t get any better than that!  Now … if I can just get a sock knitted.  🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Yay for practically free sock blockers. I used acrylic paint on Gigi. I need to pick up some sort of sealant/clear coat to keep her from chipping. But acrylic dries fast and was what I had laying around.

    That link had georgous patterns. I think Dana and I are going to Kanawha city yarns when I drop her off at the airport. I will definitely be using that opportunity to pick up some sock yarn.

    Thank you for saying Heidi is cute. She is and that is the only reason I have not killed her yet 🙂 for she is as annoying and troublemaking as she is cute.
    She has this face she makes right after she has done something bad. It really inhibits my ability to punish her. It usually goes something like “Bad!! No Heidi No! No! awww I’m sorry I yelled. Hug” No wonder she is such a trouble maker.

  2. That tote bag is beautiful! Lovely scarf too.

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