Monday sharing …

It’s a little dreary out today.  Sprinkles of rain but a fairly warm temperature. 

I’ve mopped the kitchen floor and done a bit of housework. 

I finished a knitted scarf last night.  I’ll post photos of it later.

Right now, I’m going to share some thread crochet items I’ve made as gifts.  This one is Pineapple Fan doily.  I used size 10 Aunt Lydia’s thread with a 7 hook.    I enjoyed making this one.  It’s in the Five-Hour Doily Series from House of White Birches.

This next one is Pineapple Doily No. 7714.  I really like the Celtwich website.  I made this for my aunt, Sally. 


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  1. Hello Lesley Ann

    Your work is absolutely beautiful, so perfect. Theres a hat earlier in your blog, its brilliant too. My mother can crochet doilies, but I have still to learn this lovely skill. I can do basic things like borders and granny squares, even beanie hats, but this is something to aim for. Mum’s difficulty is getting the thread in the colours & quantity that she needs. She always used Coats, but they no longer trade here in Ireland, I guess I better get the credit card out and go online!!! Keep up the fantastic work. PS I loved the Easter tributes you posted.
    LOL Lizzy

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