Another Day of Sharing …

I’ve been outside the past few days.  Southwestern West Virginia has been awesome!  Yesterday and today were beautiful sunny, warm days.  I cut the grass and have started preparing a new flower bed.  I moaned and groaned with sore muscles throughout the night!  lol

I’m working on a Soy Wool Stripes scarf.  What do you think of it? 

I am almost finished now.  I’ll post another photo soon of the completed scarf.  I like the Patons SWS.  I’ve not used it before.  It’s slick and almost stretchy … although it’s not stretchy at all.  That makes absolutely no sense, I know.  It is unusual to work with but comfortable.  🙂 

Here is a hat I crocheted for a friend’s baby last summer.  It’s Darling Crocheted Ruffled Sunhat from Crochet Garden.

This is Table Top Charm from Annie’s Attic Free Pattern-of-the-Day:

I enjoyed making this.  I ended up giving it as a gift to a lady who brought me two quarts of salt pickles and a pint of bread-and-butter pickles.  🙂

Here are “my babies” …

Samson …

Miss Cleo (black/white) and Mister (striped) …

Baby (Quaker parrot) …


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  1. Posted by milmom on April 22, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    The soy wool stripes yarn is beautiful. It looks soft, too. Comfortable next to the skin?
    Reply from Lesley Ann: I like it for a scarf or hat but I don’t think I’d like it for a sweater unless something is worn under it.

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