A beautiful, sunny Saturday …

When I awoke this morning, I was instantly happy at the site of the bright sunshine … and the pat of Cleo’s paw on my cheek. She was hungry and I was sleeping entirely too long to suit her. So … I hopped out of bed and grabbed my housecoat to start the day.

I took Samson out for his morning promenade. What an awesome morning: I could hear the gentle jingle of the wind chimes, various chirping birds and a stray rooster crowing. I say “stray” because he’s on top of the hill by my house. No homes are there and I’ve not heard a rooster from that direction since I was a child. There are many roosters across Twelve Pole Creek. Maybe flew from tree to tree to get to the other side of the creek.

After my usual morning coffee, I decided to gather everything I’ve purchased for my cousin, Rachel’s, birthday. I have a felt, laser-cut bag. I like to make “themes” for her gifts. She’s going to be 13 soon. I thought I’d present the bag as a beach bag with towel, sun lotion, oil, etc. Thus far, I have a West Virginia travel book (more so for her mom and grandma) and a book of West Virginia ghost stories purchased from The Downtown Depot, a hair brush for her super-thick hair, and Spearmint lip balm made by the monks at the monastery in Wayne County, West Virginia. I’m going to crochet her a bookmark or two and add a few more things. 


Rachel is the child of my cousin, Sarah. Sarah is ten years younger than I but we basically grew up together in Wayne, West Virginia. When she was about 15 her family moved to Nashville, Tennessee. One year later, they settled in Roanoke, Virginia. They now live in Central Virginia. Rachel has visited her West Virginia roots only once. I thought the book of hauntings would be interesting to her. I hope it is, anyway.
I also purchased Lemon Verbena hand soap from the Depot. I love the products made by the monks. If you’ve not tried these natural products … you should.
What is it about cats and handled bags? My cats LOVE them! I had an AVON bag that Miss Cleo spotted and it was all over. She would not stop until its contents were replaced by HER!


Mister patiently awaits his turn …. 

I hope you have a great weekend!







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