It’s been a while!



I’m surprised at how long it’s been since I’ve posted. I’ve been quite busy with “life”. It’s the time of year for cutting grass … planting vegetables and flowers … enjoying the out-of-doors!

I was also busy helping my aunt and uncle rent their home beside of mine. They live in Virginia; it’s a five-hour-drive for them to get here. I did the best I could but who knows if it’s ever good enough. 🙂

I finally took photos of my summer hat. I just wanted something to keep the sun from bleaching my hair while being outdoors. I made it loose so I could pin up all of my hair under it. It’s nothing outstanding but it serves its purpose.


I had enough cotton yarn leftover to make a water bottle holder. I take my water bottle, iPod shuffle and cordless telephone with me outside. I made a “contraption” to hold them all together. Again, nothing outstanding but it serves its purpose. I made a loop, as you can see, to hook the telephone.  I made a buttonhole for the iPod to clamp through.  The strap can go around my shoulder, my waist or the steering wheel on my lawn mower.  It is just coincidence that the color of the bottle and the yarn match.  I got the bottle, which I love, free with my new Brita water pitcher.  I had to replace my previous one because I  broke it by dropping it.  I wish there was a filter for my ice maker.  I did notice there is one for refrigerator water dispensers.

It’s raining today, as it has for the past four days.  Yesterday was a nice day for the most part.  I went to dinner with a friend at Hibachi Japanese Steak House after voting.  I had garden salad with ginger dressing, shrimp, crab meat, steak, rice and vegetables and sweet tea.  It was amazing.  I love going there.  They prepare the food while you’re watching.  I’d never be able to flip those eggs into my hat and all that artistry with cooking.  I just want to eat it!  lol



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