What’s the Cicada doing? Just chillin’ …

The cicada is not a pretty insect.  Not pretty at all.  They are just chillin’ now but they are “chilling” to me! lol  They literally send chills over me.  I wish they were extinct but I’m sure they have some benefit to the earth or they’d not be here … right?!?!?!
This area of West Virginia is under attack by the 17-year Cicada. Below are photos of the cicada who have taken residency on my front porch … and everywhere else for that matter.

The cicada on the right of the photo has just emerged from his shell. That is why he’s still pale. His shell is to his left. The one on the far left is an adult. He’s just chillin‘, waiting for his friend to mature.

This little fellow is in the process of emerging from his shell.



This one is to show the size of the Cicada. The piece of wood he is on is 2 inches thick. As you can see, he is just a tad longer than that

We will be spending the next six to eight weeks with these little winged devils.  I’m sure this will not be the last post referring to the cicada.  In addition to their swarming around and being a pest they make a constant sound that reminds me of a weed-eater in the distance.  Sometimes, they’re so loud that it becomes annoying to be outdoors.


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  1. Great photos!

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