Another Cicada day …

Here are some photos of my dog, Samson, and his new (although temporary) friend, Cicada.  He liked it so much he thought he could carry it into the house, as he would a bone.  Not happenin’!  Here he is, taking “ownership” of the cicada (dogs do that by rolling/wallowing on whatever they’re deeming ownership of):


He was hilarious.  I know you can’t tell by looking at the photos.  I wish I’d taken film of him.  He kept putting the cicada in his mouth and tossing it in the air.  You can see in some of the photos that he has a “snarl” on his face … as he’s attempting to put it in his mouth.  He wasn’t to eager to do that but at the same time, he really wanted to play with it. 


He’s barking and getting ready for the toss …


I wish I knew what he was thinking here …


Since he can’t take it inside … he’ll let it walk away.  He’ll get another one the next time he’s outdoors.


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