Happy Halloween!

My good friend has opened her daycare center.  It’s not complete yet, as far as decor, but the children are enjoying it, nonetheless.  A friend of hers painted the walls with a variety of themes.  I made some Halloween-decorated cupcakes so I’d have an excuse to visit.  🙂  While there, I took a few photos.

This is one wall in the play area.  It’s a farm-scene, as is obvious.  I’ll have more photos when the other scenes are completed.

 This is the reading area:


Her one-year-old daughter, Aubrey, was anxiously awaiting the time for “Trick-or-Treating”.  She wouldn’t take her afternoon nap and I’ve not spoken to Mama yet, but  I’m guessing she fell asleep within the first five minutes of the car ride.  🙂  She was dressed as a peacock.  Here she is, strutting her stuff: 


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