Dogs …

This bulldog is known as Max.  He owns my aunt, Elenor and my uncle, Andrew.  He is two years old and as cute and cuddly as he can be.  I laugh when he walks.  He’s duck-footed; flippin’ and flappin’ as he’s happily walkin’ down the road. 


This little darling is Lacy.  She is a miniature schnauzer.  She owns my cousin, Donnetta.  She’s precious, as you can clearly see.  I love the silvery color and she is silky-soft.  Her eyes are not blue … just a poor attempt at removing the red-eye created by the flash.


This is my dog, Samson.  He’s a ditch-dog … because I found him in the ditch on 9 December 2003; also because he’s got too many DNA combinations to identify.  He’d laid there for a few days after being hit by a car and was numb from being in cold water.  It was one of the coldest winters I recall.  When I realized he was alive, I had someone put him in my Blazer and took him to the hospital, where he spent three days.  We’ve been best friends since that day. 



2 responses to this post.

  1. Samson is the cutest combination of DNA that I’ve seen in awhile! I don’t know how anyone could leave him stranded in a ditch. Good for you for giving him a home. I bet he’s smart as a tack, too. Give me a mixed breed any day. (although, we do have a rat terrier who is quite smart.)

  2. Posted by Lesley Ann on November 18, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    Thank you Toni! He sometimes surprises me with how smart he is. And sometimes he’s too smart and I can’t fool him into doing things, such as go into the house because I’m leaving. 🙂

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