Great Smoky Mountain Giveaway …

The postal carrier knocked on my door last evening and I immediately felt better!  lol  I knew what she was carrying: the Great Smoky Mountain Giveaway package.  My name was drawn in recognition of the 100th blog post of a wonderful lady named Toni.  Please be sure to check out her blog called Foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains.

The box contained this:  greatsmokymtngiveaway4

It’s a sewn bag with a corded drawstring.  I’ve decided to use it to cover a quart jar, in which I’m going to grow a sweet potato like the one I read about at Chipmunknits.  I think her’s is lovely and I love the idea of a “cat safe” plant in case one decides to take a nip.

Then there was this:


It’s the sewn pear pincushion on the shelf.  It’s so pretty and matches my kitchen perfectly, as you can see below:


There was also a fantastic-smelling bar of handmade vanilla spice scented soap wrapped in a beautiful hand-knitted cloth.  It’s so pretty the way it is, I’m going to use it in the bathroom and smell it while I’m in the bath.  🙂  It’s awesome.  I wanted to eat it …


 As you can see, the color is perfect for my bathroom.  I’m also using the calendar in my bathroom.  It’s where I do my “thinking” and decide what I’m doing in the next few days.  lol  Miss Cleo usually sits in the window watching the squirrels and ‘possums and other wayward animals, as she was contemplating when I snapped the photo. 


Here is a collective picture of the package I received.  It shows the items listed above in addition to a 12-pack of Smoky Mountain postcards; a Smoky Mountain informative guide; a keychain with a photo of a darling black bear cub; four bookmarks that have already replaced the gum wrappers in various books I’m reading; and a Smoky Mountain cookbook containing some awesome and quite unique recipes.  Some of the recipes date back 100-plus years, even one from Thomas Jefferson’s notes.  I have found several recipes I will be making very soon.  I was so excited when I found a recipe for fried mush.  My daddy used to make it when I was young.  I salivate just thinking about it.  It’s not “fried mush” in the book … but it’s the same thing.


Miss Cleo couldn’t wait for her gift, either.


 She couldn’t get in the box until I opened both ends.  lol  She stayed in that box, rolling around, hiding and napping  for about an hour.  It will stay in the kitchen floor until she and Mister have ripped it apart.  They both love cardboard. 


 Miss Toni, I cannot thank you enough for brightening my day.  I will enjoy these treasures during my “forever” on this Earth.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  🙂  And may God bless you every moment of your life.


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  1. Lesley Ann, I’m just happy as a chicken with a june bug that the giveaway package found it’s way to the right person. 🙂 It’s very gratifying to know it was truly appreciated. It’s my turn to say thank you for that to you! And I will add that your decor is impeccable! 🙂

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