New friends …

I’ve got new friends to add to the “farm”.  Two ducks showed up on the 15th of April and have decided to stay.  At least for now.  I purchased chopped corn and a bag of squirrel food.  They don’t like pumpkin seeds because that’s what is left all over the yard.  They seem to be quite happy.  If they stay for another few weeks … I’ll purchase a kiddie pool for them.





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  1. Hi Lesley Ann,
    I love the bluebirds in your blog header!

    Your new friends are so cool! Those ducks are really colorful! Yes, it looks like the Lord has blessed you once again. 🙂 I’m sure they will love the pool. Surely they will want to stay around for that.

    I can’t wait till the Lord sends me a milk cow! Here’s hopin’.

  2. Oh, I forgot to say your grass is looking really green!
    I’m hopin’ this is our last cold snap.
    Have a great week!

  3. It’s always good to have new friends! The ducks look like they are at home. I love the bluebirds too.

  4. Mornin’ Lesley Ann,
    The tree in the pic at my blog is a sugar maple. It’s one of three that we planted to shade this old brick house from the sun, and what I get to look at when I’m washin’ the dishes. The Lord is Good!
    Your Tennessee Mountain Friend, 🙂

  5. Hello Lesley!

    First let me say I am so happy to be here! Reading your comment on my post cheered my heart. I am feeling much better and as you already know our God is so faithful! :o) I must add you to my list of must reads right away. I know when I have come across something wonderful! :o)

    Your banner is beautiful, and so are your lovely pair of visitors! I hope they stay around a while for you to enjoy! Lesley, I hope you come back for another visit soon. I for sure will be back here again and again! Again thank you sooooooo much!



  6. Hi there, Lesley Ann!
    I just read your comment and will try to answer your question about the roses. My books say they’re not difficult to grow if conditions are right for them. I’m sure they’d be better off in the Garden of Eden, but here, I just do the best I can and let nature do the rest. Usually my Don Juan roses are beautiful in bloom, but after that the leaves spot and fall off, then the plant looks very scraggly the rest of the summer. I prune and coax, but they do this every year regardless. The South is humid so molds and mildews plague them annually. Actually, I think you’d have better success with them in W VA than I do here. That gives me an idea. Why don’t I take a cutting and start one for you! It will take the whole of summer to root, then I could send it to you in fall or next spring. I love doing that sort of thing. Let me know if you’d like to have a rooted cutting..

  7. Hello Lesley Ann!

    Stopping by to say hello! Hope you are enjoying a beautiful week. By the way are the little visiting pair still around. :o)



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