The Secret Life of Bees


This book is Sue Monk Kidd’s first fictional novel.  She knocked it out of the park.  If you’ve not read this book … please do so.  It’s so very good.  The movie is acceptable but the book is awesome!  I have only one negative thing to say about this book:  the first chapter contains the “GD” swear and it’s really not necessary.  There are so many swear words that the dad can choose from … and he chooses to use them all  … that I just don’t think that part was necessary.  Especially coming from a writer who has written a few books pertaining to Christianity.

I give this book four stars out of five.


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  1. I saw that book in Wal-Mart several years ago, and was captivated by the cover. I jotted down the title and author’s name, then promptly drove to my local library and checked it out. I agree about the profanity, which I pretty much just skipped over. At least it was gotten out of the way early, and the rest of the book was awesome. It was one of those I hated to see end. The author had such an ability to make you really care about the characters, and left you wanting to know how the rest of their lives progressed!

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, though I was glad I’d read the book first (I prefer that order). I think Dakota Fanning was excellent for the part, and at an excellent age during filming to play that role.

  2. We agree Renna; Dakota Fanning was perfect. The entire cast was well-suited for their parts. I didn’t like the movie as well as the book but that’s my usual book-to-movie opinion. Thank you for your post. I enjoyed your blog; will add it to my viewing list.

  3. Hi Lesley Ann! It was great to hear from you over at my blog! I trust all is well. Miss you!
    We’ve been so covered up this summer with our house and garden. Hope to sell soon and move to VA near our daughter.
    Have a great week!

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